Thank You to the Things I Need to Thank

The end of the year calls for some serious reflection.  Guide to Career Education has valuable articles and forecasts for anyone wanting
to return to college to finish a degree or anyone seeking a career change in the new year. Mostly we reflect on all the things we said we’d do during the year that were swept under carpets of screaming kids, deadlines, broken alternators and cat poop (please don’t make me explain).

I follow a wonderful blog called Mary and Bob’s Journal. A while back I read a post simply called, GRATITUDE.

In that post there is gratitude for socks… socks!  I thought about it.  I love socks.  I mean, without socks, I would not get a lick of sleep.  Honest.  So I am grateful for socks as well. And coffee.

I bow to the coffee bean.


Well, this is not exactly how I take my coffee.  But if not for this little brown bean, I would be a slobbering mess spouting obscenities each morning. So I am grateful for coffee.

I am grateful for music.  More importantly, I am grateful for my grandmother who always let me have music on no matter what time of day or night.  I am grateful for a mother who always had music on when she cleaned (which was a lot!).

Then we have the birds, the bees, the snakes, the flowers, the mountains, the streams.. all the worldly creations made by my Higher Power that I stand in awe of each day.  Like the red-tail hawk perched on the tree outside my apartment this morning.  I am always grateful for nature.

There are so many things to be grateful for, thankful for, appreciative for. Things like:

  • fresh notebooks and sharpened pencils
  • a pleasant teenage daughter (truly a blessing!)
  • cold water
  • an open treadmill at the gym
  • light traffic
  • a found dollar
  • finding the last sweetener packet
  • a slow day at the office so I can get caught up on blogging (writing and reading)
  • when my car runs good (please get me home my sweet automobile!)

These are just a few of the things that make me say, “Hey now.. that is super cool.”  Maybe you have some of the same things to be thankful for.. maybe you are scratching your head as you read my list and say, “uh, this chic is cookoo!”

Please.. feel free to share some of the things you might take for granted each day, but when you really think about it… you are oh so grateful to have them.


Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

18 thoughts on “Thank You to the Things I Need to Thank”

  1. You are certainly not Cookoo, you are honest and inspiring. My best friend and I were just looking at your post, and she said, “I did that one time! Wrote down all the little things.” They count, my friend, it’s the little things that make life so much sweeter. Not fancy houses or big cars (although both are nice). I’d rather drive a less-than-beautiful car than be a moment without electricity or coffee (I’m with you there). I’d also be lost without my flip flops. Wonderful post! 🙂


    1. Amberr.. hi. 🙂 I am so happy that you read blogs with your best friend. 😀

      It is the little things that make life awesome. Thank you so much for dropping by and bringing your friend with you.


  2. Years ago, I began a practice of offering a prayer of thanks each time I was delighted by something. . . those days that I forget to be appreciative or am too hurried or angry or whatever to say thanks are always bad days all around.

    What have I been grateful for lately? Hmm. . . finding a pair of favorite glasses, receiving rain after I was safely home, not having hail damage to my roof, time to listen to a story with my daughter, time to talk about a certain boy with my college-aged daughter. . . lol. . . my cup overflows. 🙂


  3. I’m right up there with you about coffee, Darlene–and a programmable pot so I can wake up to it ready to pour. (Not so sure about this wordpress ‘snow’ coming down, lol.) Chocolate, walking and shape-up shoes fit the gratitude bill, as does being blessed with a hubby who is always looking to get things right and two boys with whom I’m very close, along with their friends. And always, the gift of words and how much I’ve learned about publishing possibilities and social media this year–and the God who provided me with all of it, along with the power to be grateful. Nice post.

    May you and your family be blessed this Christmas and holiday season.


    1. Joanna, I love the things you are grateful for. I think I get the snow until the beginning of January.. but I ixnay it a few days after Christmas.. 🙂

      May you and your family be blessed as well this holiday season.

      How are those shape-up shoes anyway? I have heard mixed reviews.


  4. I love when people take the time to appreciate the simple things. I try to explain to my kids that there are people in the world suffering. Everyone should appreciate having a roof over your head, and a regular meal.

    And what would my commute be like without those traffic lights that annoy me so much?

    Thanks for all the little things that make our lives what they are every day.

    Oh, and CHOCOLATE. It’s my favorite food group.


  5. I can’t get through the day without coffee. I’m thankful for my laptop still working even after I dropped it. Eek! I’m thankful for my daughter making me laugh everyday. I’m thankful for my amazing agent who makes me a better writer. And I’m thankful for all the great writers and bloggers who help me survive in this industry.


  6. I’m thankful that I finally let go and gave up the need to control my destiny. Ever since, I’ve become more free and I actually have the energy to promote the positive things in my life.

    Think positive, be brave and help someone out who can use a little positive reinforcement. I worked half a day yesterday distributing toys to less fortunate families who stood in lines that formed at 3:00 am. There’s no greater proof that a parent’s love for their children extend beyond pride. They were most appreciative and humble and the Christmas spirit found me once again this year!

    Merry Christmas.


  7. one thing I am always grateful is thank God we have coffee, I honestly can’t go on with my day with out sipping it at least a cup of it… thank you for sharing this post yes u’re right we have so many things to be feel grateful… 🙂


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