ROWnd and ROWnd

For some reason the song “Round and Round” by Ratt popped in my head when I started this ROW80 post.   Hmm.. A potential 80’s blog post perhaps?

Anyway… this post comes very shortly after me signing up for this round of ROW 80.  Out of my goals, I have written my goal post for ROW 80 and I did read and comment on a lot of blogs!  😀

I have written about 200 words on my WIP. I am home tonight, so after a much-needed shower, I am going to sit down and aim for about 1,500 – 2,000 words on my WIP.

This weekend I’d like to take a trip down to the South Street area of Philadelphia.  South Street is one of the locations in my novel and I feel it would do me pounds of goodness to go there and really bask in the element of what South Street is like today.  I am not sure if on site research is par for the course for novel-writing.  However, I want to get the ambiance of what is like there now.  Not to mention I haven’t been down there in almost ten years and I’d love to see the new stores.  I am pretty sure the classic spot Zipperhead is gone. 😦

This weeks goals are simple:

  • 50-100 words a day on WIP.
  • read/comment blogs.
  • read a few chapters in Megan’s Way (which I have started – it is gripping!).
  • Write on chapter in the memoir piece.
  • Saturday I am going down to South Street!  I just decided.  🙂  I asked my daughter to go with me… so far, I got a big no.

Happy ROWing everyone!  See you all in a few days.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

6 thoughts on “ROWnd and ROWnd”

  1. Nice weekly goals, the trip for research sounds like a great idea!

    One of my (two) works kind of in progress at the moment involves a poker player and I am planning several research trips to the local casinos. Probably the only way I will ever get to go there actually… 😛



  2. Wow! Another Philadelphian? Or maybe you’re just close enough to visit South Street… Anyway, I love the on site research I think its the best so have fun! I’m also reading Megan’s Way so no spoilers on your blog, k? 🙂
    Keep that momentum going and I look forward to your Sunday update on your South Street adventure
    (BTW…I’m looking for a “ROWbro” (check my October posts for link) so if you’re interested let me know. Happy Writing!


    1. Hello! I grew up in Philadelphia (lower northeast) and only moved up to Bucks County in 2006. Sometimes I miss Philly.. especially the ambiance of South Street and Delaware Avenue (I know it is Columbus Blvd now – but some habits I just cannot change). And the neighborhoods. There are no neighborhoods where I live. 😦

      Ok, ok.. no spoilers… 😉

      I am definitely going to go check out your blog and look into this “ROWbro” thingy. My interest is piqued!

      Happy writing to you as well..



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