Flash Fiction!

My first shot at Flash Fiction.


For The Best

“Look, I know you’re hungry, but do you really want to eat me? “

“It is for the best,” Charlie said as he bent down, his mouth gaping.


“What? We are both out of options.  I am hungry and you are going to die anyway.  We would be helping each other.”

“But, I have another wing.”

“Yes, but you need two wings.  Much like I need four legs.  Just look at you,” Charlie said as he nudged the bird with his wet nose. “You cannot fly; I will end your suffering.”

“I said the same thing to the butterfly I ate not half an hour ago,” Mickey said as he jumped, flew in a small circle and landed on the ground with a heavy sigh. “Maybe it is best that you eat me.”

“Now you want me to eat you.  That is funny.  Where is the adventure in that, I ask.”  Charlie plopped to the ground in a lump and yawned. His chubby paw whacked the small rock on the ground. “I’m bored.”

“Eat me, you silly feline.  Please!  I am in pain and you are hungry.  We will both be pleased.  This I assure you.”  The bird flew  around Charlie.  His one wing flapped violently.  Feathers jarred loose, cascading Charlie in a sea of gray and white.

Charlie stood up and swallowed the injured bird in one gulp. His tongue cascaded his furry chops as he walked over to the puddle by the big rock.  He squatted to wash down his tasty meal with a cool lap of water when his left legs gave out.

A snake slid up from behind the rock toward Charlie…

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

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