GROWing With The Flow

Growing with the flow… what the heck does that mean Darlene?

It means…. I’ve learned not to force things.. no forcing traffic (never works), no forcing two hours of work into an hour and no forcing the writing.

When I force a character, it feels false. I have learned to leave that character be and when it is time, that character will pop up and say, “Hey!  You!  Over here! I’m ready to jump in and take over.”

Ahhh.. there you are my sweet.   My characters are little pieces of me peppered with the traits of others.  They must be placed at the right time with the right voice.

The voice. EEK.  My voice is their voice and their voice is my voice.  I know after the first chapter write as I re-read my work that a character sounds “just right” or sounds “LAME.”

One of my characters is a pimp.  His actions, traits, flaws, tone of voice and wording must resemble that of a pimp.  No, I don’t know any pimps, but I have read about many and seen a few in movies.  As I write the character outline of my pimp and then fill him into the corresponding chapter, having him say something un-pimpish is, well, unbelievable and it simply will not work.

How I Love Thee.

That is unless his back story is that he was once a college professor and it just didn’t pay well enough.  Plus there weren’t many women to degrade… hmm…. not bad.

Anyway.  This week I am ROWing with the flow.  Tonight I am taking my daughter to work and there is a Starbuck’s right next door.  My butt will be firmly planted along with my laptop, a bottle of water and a cup of delicious coffee.  She is working for three and a half hours.

Yes!  Three and a half hours of writing, people watching, eating a tasty morsel or seven and really hunkering down and getting to the meat of my plot.  I am about to start Chapter 2 and I really need to add some substance.  With two jobs and all that other hugamaloo, I am finding that I have little time to write. 😦

My goals for this week are simple.  Read, Write, Blog, Comment. That’s it.  Usually I have a slew of goals that get bashed into the mud because it is too much.  Sure, I start out with  the Super-Wonder-Indestructible Woman attitude.  By the time Thursday rolls around I am deflated and mad at myself.

Attainable Goals.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

6 thoughts on “GROWing With The Flow”

  1. Darlene, you hit the nail on the head with the characters having to take their time. I described forced characters once as limp, flaccid, balloony things that just lay on the floor and have no life, no zip, no there there. You made me hoot out loud (and I’m peeking in at work–shh!) about the professor turned pimp. There was a professor at Indiana University way back in the 80’s who ran a prostitution ring–needless to say, he was fired, and immediately entered into local legend!

    Great job on a) finding a good time to write b) a good place and most importantly, c) turning what could be an interruption to a routine or a break in work habits into a plus. Go you!

    And, also thank you for the blog love. It is much appreciated. Have a great rest of the week!


    1. Elizabeth, thank you so much for stopping by.
      That is too funny about the professor running a prostitution ring! I guess truth is stranger than fiction at times. 🙂

      My pleasure on the blog love! Have a great rest of the day, Elizabeth.



  2. Sometimes, for me anyway, just going somewhere different than sitting in my same old chair at my same old desk, can bring a bout of creativity I wouldn’t have received otherwise. My local B&N has a lovely cafe, and though I don’t drink coffee, I love the smell–I can kick out my writing like crazy when I’m there. Also, believe this or not, my local McD’s. Yep. It has a cool, new, trendy look (waterfalls and zen stuff going on) and I just plug in my earbuds, turn on the laptop, and sip on a fruit smoothy for hours. It works.

    Nope. You can’t force characters. It’s amazing how these imaginary people come to life on their own. Many times, my characters take me in a direction I hadn’t planned on, but know is the RIGHT path–it wouldn’t have worked any other way.

    ~Angela Scott


    1. Hey Angela!
      Thank you so much for stopping by. I would have responded to your comment earlier, but our street flooded Saturday into Sunday courtesy of Hurricane Irene. We were without power for three days. Plus we were kind of trapped due to the flood. I’ll be blogging about it later on tonight.

      I am definitely gonna have to check out the trendy Mickey D’s.

      Thanks so much for the tips 🙂 Take care and have an amazing week.



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