Here Comes The Rain.. The Thunder.. oh, and The Lightning.

Rain. I love it when I have nowhere to be. I love listening to rain smack the ground, the trees and the air conditioner in the window. Rain is cleansing. It purifies the Earth and my soul.

At this moment it is not just raining. There is a wicked thunderstorm going on outside. The thunder is so loud, it sounds almost fake. I love that, too.

Thunder scares some people. I never remember being afraid of thunder. I used think that two dark, poofy clouds which seem weightless and smack together was thunder. I think most people thought this. Now it seems the sound of thunder comes from by lightning. What?

I won’t get into any scientific details here, because a) I am no scientist and b) it is all over the web and for me to sit here for three hours and piece together some mumbo jumbo about thunder being lightning that has already been written by others (way better mind you) is ludicrous.

So it was a sunny Sunday morning. I took a nap and awoke to a cloudy afternoon.

Although thunder does not scare me, lightning does. Maybe it is because I never get a warning before it shows its flashy self. When I see lightning, I have these horrific images of a bolt shooting across the sky coming right at me. I have nowhere to take cover, save a tree maybe.

What idiot runs under a tree when there is lightning around? Not this idiot, that’s for sure.

I was going to write a poem about the thunder, the rain.. oh yeah, and the lightning. But then I thought… WHY? I haven’t written a poem in five years. Sure, I had a dark, slightly disturbing poem published in a local newspaper about ten years ago. But a poem? Really?

Eh, maybe I’ll give it a shot. When it all boils down and I am left staring at the empty pot on the stove, what is left to lose? Ok, maybe the pot, but they’re like twelve bucks at Wal-Mart.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

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