To Write Or To Read? That Is The Question.

So…. I have been busy. And I wish I could say, “busy busy busy writing away as the words overflow in my little pea brain.. and oh, this is so exciting!”

But, uhhh… no. Nothing like that. I picked up more hours at the store (job #2). At the office (job #1) I managed to sneak out of the office and actually go to lunch at the park one afternoon this week! I couldn’t believe it. I almost felt guilty.

Gotta work on that guilt thing.

Let’s not forget trying to figure out an angle for my wrap up blog for the Ninja 1000. I have to give it back this Friday. 😦 It was so much fun riding that bike. I wrote quite a few entries for the page which can be found here. I have not written anything on the blog since July 30 because on the days it was gorgeous out I was double duty working and on the days I had time to ride… it rained.

I have written less than 500 words this week. At the moment I am catching up on email and tweeting and reading blogs.

So I have been doing some reading which I am guilty of slacking on from time to time. Tonight I was reading Erica Lucke Dean’s blog which can be found here.

She has some fun posts about things like adrenalin, coffee and flies… I love it. Definitely worth checking out.

I will have some time to myself tomorrow after I drop my daughter off at work. I am going to go to Starbucks and sit in the cafe with my laptop. I find I write best when I am away from home… How sad is that?

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

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