Sometimes Being Honest… Is Dumb.

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We’ve all heard the term honesty is the best policy.  Since we are tiny tots hell bent on getting our fair share of cookies and milk, we are taught to tell the truth, do the right thing… blah freaking blah.

But then one day, we are taught to fib, to lie, to bend the truth a little.  We are taught that even though little Rosie is being a total selfish brat, we should smile and play along.

Ok, so which is it?  And when did all this political correctness crap start anyway?

Yesterday I was driving up the street (no, not down) and this chic, probably in her early twenties, decides to start moseying across the middle of the street.  Never mind there are four lanes of traffic coming at her in both directions.  She didn’t dash, or jog or move in any expeditious manner.  She moseyed. Strolled. Snailed along.

So there I am cruising along doing about 2 miles under the speed limit and I and three other lanes of traffic have to slow down so she can get across.  In my sick, twisted mind I punch the gas for like less than a second (I know, I know, I am going to hell) and then let up.

I say to my boyfriend in the car: “Should I punch it?” As I give the car gas and then immediately let off.

My boyfriend asked me what the hell was the matter with me.  Of course, I got defensive.

“ME?! What the hell is the matter with her?”


“Ok, so she gets to cross in the middle of the street basically breaking the law and if I hit her for whatever reason, I am the guilty one because I didn’t have control of my vehicle.  Never mind the fact that she SHOULD. NOT. BE. IN. THE. MIDDLE OF THE STREET!!” Yeah, I over-reacted … a lot.

It felt good to freak out, and I would never run someone over with my car.  I have certainly made a metal note to keep some thoughts to myself.  Because, believe it or not, sometimes honesty is not the best policy.

Maybe being politically correct does have some benefits, after all.

So, sorry lady for trying to scare the begeebees out of you.  On a “could have been worse” note, I could have been flying down the road yapping on my cellphone and not even seen you.

Is there anything that really gets under your skin that, looking back, you over-reacted to?

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

21 thoughts on “Sometimes Being Honest… Is Dumb.”

  1. I get where you’re coming from. If you had laid on the horn and punched it, you might have gotten an entertaining little show. Or your wreck-scenario might have played out. Sometimes, I have to ask myself if the consequences of whatever little tantrum I’d like to throw will be worth it in the aftermath. Scarily, sometimes the answer is YES.


  2. Well, there’s this nursing home, see?

    Nope, sorry, I’m still too angry to make a good joke.

    I enjoyed your writing, and definitely know where you’re coming from. Keep up the entertaining posts.

    Hi, Catie!


  3. Ooooo, I feel you! What really makes me upset is when people assign the worst motive to my action and then assume they’re right. I used to assign people to projects and one manager actually believed I assigned people to projects based on who I liked the most. In reality, I used the travel budget to determine assignments. I am still so hurt by that.


    1. 😦 people do tend to assume a lot of things.. like thinking that you would assign projects based on who you liked the most. Which, could have been just a way for them to push their unhappiness on you. Sorry you had to go through that… Thank you for sharing your feelings.



  4. Okay, let me “share”. I was driving on the freeway a couple of years back and these dudes threw a plastic water bottle at my car for no reason. I didn’t know them, hadn’t cut them off – nothing like that. Maybe it wasn’t even intentional but it scared the CRAP out of me and could have caused me to have an accident, going 65 mph on a freeway!!! So, I wanted to get their license plate so I chased them at 100 mph (the governor on my Yukon doesn’t allow me go any faster) and they KNEW I was chasing them, too. I did get their license number and my sister called the CHP. But, in retrospect, I should NOT have gone at such a high speed for such a thing. It was dumb!


    1. oh my gosh! You’re right, it probably wasn’t intentional when they threw the water bottle. But I know how that feels to have that “They need to know how mad I am!” feeling. I took that chic crossing in front of me like that personally.

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m glad you got the license plate (and that you didn’t get in trouble for speeding).



  5. Funny you should bring this up — I was driving on main street in my small town today
    and a young woman was crossing the four lanes with a large cup of something in her hand, a briefcase and she was on a cellphone…I stopped and motioned for her to continue to the other side and she didn’t even SEE me. Yikes!


  6. I’m worked up right now about a company’s website. It lists criteria for their services, but then they don’t follow their own criteria. I just basically told them they were blatantly dishonest and posting false info on their website. I got so worked up my blood pressure went through the roof and I thought my head would explode. The thing is…it wasn’t even for me. I was trying to help out someone else. Sheesh. I get really worked up over things that just aren’t right and affect those with disabilities who have a tough time anyway. Glad I’m not the only one who over-reacts. LOL


    1. I could have… but I didn’t. She knew traffic was coming at her… so me honking my horn would have made me feel like more of an idiot. It doesn’t matter now, I have moved on to happier things 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.


  7. What you’ve just described is something that really gets under my skin. Completely annoying. And very inconsiderate. I hate inconsiderate.


  8. I tend to be rather moody (something my daughter seems to have inherited…oh joy :D). I’ve mellowed a lot since becoming a parent though. Thank goodness. LOL.

    In terms of honesty, I don’t see it as a contradiction to say something nice even when someone’s acting like an idiot…I just look for something I can honestly say that’s nice. Holding one’s tongue is not dishonest (well, it can be but it doesn’t have to be). I strive to never be dishonest (having gone through a severe lying phase when I was a kid). But I also strive never to be brutal. Sometimes I just have to shut the heck up. LOL


    1. Sonia.. hey! Thanks for commenting..

      haha, yeah, sometimes I need to shut my mouth too… and you are absolutely right. Holding one’s tongue is definitely not being dishonest. I think it is more so tactful. If I let everything spill out my mouth that popped in my head, I would sure be in a lot of trouble. Eek!

      Have a great 4th of July.


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