How I Find Blogging Ideas

In the blogger world – pretty much all topics are covered.  Food, sex, media and worldly events are topics written about every day.  The trick is finding a new way to tell the story.

I get my ideas from articles, commercials, other blogs and magazines.  Sometimes I get my ideas from something someone said to me or in my proximity.  Then I pounce.

There is a website “100 Blog Topic I Hope YOU Write.”  That is where this topic came from.

Writing is hard work.  I’ve wanted to write since I was in my early twenties.  I wrote a lot of poetry.  I filled a binder with over one hundred poems in less than two weeks.  The words would not stop pouring out of my mind via the pen in my left hand.

Then life happened and truth be told, I got lazy.

My focus is the big picture.  Right now the big picture is blogging and article ideas.   The big picture is telling stories and reporting events.  The big picture is the more I write, the better I write.

Blogging ideas come from paying attention, listening and reading.  Blogging ideas are everywhere.  They are right in front of you at this moment.

If you need blogging ideas, eavesdrop in your local coffee-house.  Pick up a magazine at the checkout.   Watch a television show.  Listen to new music.  Read a book.  Go to the mall and people watch.

Or you could just sit in silence and let your subconscious do the talking.

Whatever you decide will work.  It works for me.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

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