Shut Up And Listen

For years now… a lot of years, I have done what others expected of me.  I have worked the 9-5 job (which I still work), I have put off my dreams,  and sacrificed things that I love for the sake of others happiness or a better opinion of me.  I morphed myself into whatever I needed to gain acceptance and likability.

That started to fade about a year ago.   Two weeks ago, I am happy to say that part of me died.  There was no funeral, no teary good-bye.  Just a smile and a one finger salute.

When expectations weigh on us, we feel the pressure.  Some thrive on pressure, while others feel the weight of expectations dropping down like a sledgehammer.

If more of us listened to our own advice, we’d all be happier.   I am fantastic at giving advice.  As I sit there and ramble on and make great points about others lives, I listen to myself.   I think, “Man, that’s good.  I should listen.”

I finally started listening.

Maybe it was when I had a falling out with someone whom I thought was a friend.  Maybe it was that motherly feeling I felt the last time I was with my daughter.   I can’t say for sure it was the totality of those situations, but they played a huge role.

In reality (the cold hard kind), I took a look at my life.  I sat, and had a one way conversation with God.  When I finished talking, I shut up.  I sat quietly, and listened.  From the inner sanctum of my soul, there was indeed a voice.   It may have very well been God.  He does work in mysterious ways.   The voice said, “You are so ready for this”.

Our inner voice, our heart, talks to us every day.  It tells us what we need, how we can help others and help ourselves.  Instead, we are up in our heads, telling ourselves what we want, what others should do and do for us.

A lot of people confuse the heart and the head.  Misconceptions and ideals clutter the head.  The head gets crammed every day with facts and half-truths.  The heart knows two things: pain and joy.

Here is an example:  someone in a bad relationship.  If you talk to this someone, they’ll say: “My head is telling me to leave, but my heart is saying stay,” or some crap like that.  Uh, you got it backwards.  Your head tells you to stay because then you don’t have to work on yourself.  Your heart tells you to get the hell out of there because it knows you deserve so much better.

If we shut up and listen to our heart, we’ll get all the answers we need.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

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